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Exercise or Nutrition - Which is more important?

I worry about my clients. Maybe worry is too strong a word. My mission is to help them feel and be as strong and healthy as possible. And I'm dedicated to that mission.

But I know that whether we share one or three hours a week together, I have a big influence on their movement - both the quality and quantity of it. That covers their strength and mobility for the other 165 - 167 hours each week I don't see them. What I have less influence over is what they put in their mouths. And that is even more important than how often and how exactly they move.

Why? Because it is primary - both in terms of relative importance and sequence - to the movement itself. The fuel provides the resources the movement exhausts. And it governs the process of recovery and repair - and that's where the real magic happens in fitness.

My highest performing athletes - especially over 50 - take this formula (fuel before performance) very seriously. It doesn't need to be rigid or dogmatic. And it should not feel like deprivation or be overly restrictive. There is no universal set of instructions, but there are universal principles and helpful practices. That's what we teach in the OptWell50+.program.

If you don't know you have your eating dialed in, you have opportunity. Opportunity is a good thing.

Isn't it?

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