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Is High Intensity Training Ok for Over-50 Fitness Seekers?

Do you know how hard you should train to be as fit as you want to be without risking injury?

The truth is that your training intensity should much more closely match your current fitness level than your age bracket. A 65 year-old with a resting heart rate of 58 who can do 12+ perfect form push-ups and run a nine-minute mile is in a very different segment of the fitness continuum than a 43 year-old who smokes, has high blood pressure, a 36% body fat level and struggles to make it up three flights of stairs.

Of course it's also important to consider factors like conditions, medication, surgeries and injuries, which is why personalized guidance on how best to proceed with your program is well worth the money if you choose the right trainer. And we do, past 50, need more rest time between workouts than we did under 30 between hard workouts. That's why I advocate shorter workouts for our profile.

Want more direction on how to nail your optimal fitness level at 50 and beyond? We've got you covered.

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