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Self-Guided Digital Courses

Immerse yourself in the latest fitness and nutrition advice for athletic 50-and-older adults with our new self-guided digital courses: Best Eating Practices and Best Training Practices.

Gain Clarity Over How to Eat and Train for Your Best Life

Our courses were designed by 50-plus athlete and trainer Dan Taylor, MS, CSCS, who is passionate about helping his clients master the peak conditioning practices/results equation to become stronger and leaner. Dan has a master's degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition and has been a fitness and nutrition educator, writer, and coach since 1998. 

Best Eating Practices 

Are you stuck in a fitness plateau and wondering whether your eating habits are to blame? In this course, you will learn how to build a science-based eating program that supports your training and recovery goals and improves strength and stamina. Using a combination of video tutorials, concrete real-life examples, and energy intake/output formulas and ideal macro ranges for your sport or activity, Dan guides you through building a blueprint for eating success.

Chapter highlights: Macro Splits: How to hit target ranges with nutrient-dense choices; Eating Approaches: Which is Right For You?

Estimated completion time: 3-5 hours + 3-day food diary assignment

Best Training Practices

Are you still doing the same workout you've done for years and not getting the results you want? Do you clearly understand which exercises have been proven to improve athletic performance while reducing injury risk? This course will provide the clarity you're seeking with video exercise routines and sample workouts designed to build a highly functional physique.

Chapter highlights: Warm-up/Cardio for the Multi-Sport Athlete; Mobility/Range-of-Motion

Estimated completion time: 3-5 hours + time to learn new exercises

"How do you eat to maximize nutrient density? Eat in accordance with the Healthy Eating Chalice, consuming more H2O than any food group, more veggies than protein (although this and the next level can be swapped if adding/maintaining significant muscle volume is your top priority), and so on down the levels of the chalice. Empty kcals should be minimal."

— From "Best Eating Practices," Principle 3: Eat to maximize nutrient density

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