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Six-Week Coaching Course

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Welcome to!

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Sharpen Your Training Efforts and Eating Habits for Peak Performance and Vitality


Our premiere offering is a six-week, comprehensive, highly interactive online course and coaching program designed to sharpen the focus of your fitness and eating programs and fix or replace what's not moving you toward your goals effectively.


We walk you through every step, clearly defining the "What, how and why," to help you create a customized blueprint easily modified to your schedule and equipment preferences. We'll show you how to adapt your eating practices to a wide variety of food sources and circumstances. 


This program, customized for YOU by 50+ fitness and nutrition experts, breaks through performance and body composition plateaus by clarifying and simplifying age- and profile-specific training and eating best practices.

Is the OptWell 50+ 6-Week Coaching Program Right for You?

1. Have you reviewed the above program description and information on the How It Works and FAQ pages?

2. Are you committed to learning about and applying the tactics and recommendations and sharing your experiences with the class Facebook group via posts and comments or by direct messaging your host and trainer Dan Taylor?

3. Are you ready to make the necessary time investment in the program, including regular interactions, completing weekly assignments (food diary and trying new exercise routines) and interacting with your program guides?

If you've answered yes to the above, we're now enrolling for our June session. If you have questions, please reach out via our contact form, and we'll be happy to help.


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This six-week program was a game-changer for me as an aspiring athlete  over 50, providing a comprehensive and highly interactive approach to refining one’s fitness and eating habits. Dan's expert guidance throughout the program was invaluable. His extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to each participant's progress were evident in every interaction. He made the process not only educational, but enjoyable. It's a well-structured, science-backed program that delivers next-level eating and training practices. I enthusiastically recommend the program!

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Dan’s wealth of in-depth knowledge about the highly individualized, scientifically sensitive nature of building muscle and losing fat for a 50-plus athlete proved invaluable. My eyes have been opened to the delicate balance that must be achieved by choosing an exercise and stretching program tailored to the mature body and pairing it with eating practices that give us the best odds of reaching our optimal fitness potential.

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I found OptWell50+ to be very helpful, both personally and professionally. The training and performance eating curriculum was in-depth, yet easily understood. Explaining the “why” behind the “what” and “how,”Dan’s teaching style and expertise provide a very positive learning experience well-suited for the adult learner.

What's in it for You?

1. We will earn your trust and teach you clear, simple Principles and Practices to create the safest and most effective customized eating and training template possible — no more wasting time or needlessly risking an injury. 

2. We'll help you carve your optimal pathway to reach your 50+ fitness potential if you follow our lead.

3. If you value health, energy, and athletic performance capacity, we will provide the highest Return on Investment possible. 

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Medical Endorsements​

"OptWell 50+ is an innovative group coaching program that clarifies a sound exercise and healthy eating principles while juggling a busy, chaotic schedule with work and family demands.​"Consistently practicing the simple rules presented in the program can have a significantly positive effect on reducing health risks like cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes and contribute to life-long health and wellness.”

Barbara Boyer, M.D.         

Phillip Maddux, R.N.

Ed Le Cara, D.C., PhD., ATC, CSCS   

Tristan Buzzini, PsyD.   

Amanda Gersich, M.D.

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