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Is it time for YOU to sharpen (or rebuild) your 50+ athlete nutrition and conditioning program? This is an immersive multi-disciplinary course that centers on best fitness and nutrition practices based on NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) guidelines.


Dan Taylor, MS, CSCS, and fitness authority since 1998, designed this program as an interactive partnership that you will access on your schedule but with a group platform option where you can share your experiences with your session peers. 


We guide in video and text form, including contributions from an orthopedic surgeon, a sports dietitian, a physical therapist, live weekly yoga classes (will be recorded for convenient access), a personalized (to the group) weekly coaching video based on input (posts in the group or DMs to the host) and much more! 


At the completion of the coaching program, you’ll have your own OptWell 50+ blueprint: A customized, fine-tuned, highly effective, efficient training and eating framework.

OptWell 50+ Premium Training/Performance Eating Coaching Program


    "The OptWell50+ coaching program helped me find the right combination of food and drink to endure an hour workout, three days a week. At 66, I can sustain my energy through each demanding workout. The program also helped me prepare meals with the right proportions of ingredients to obtain a good balance of nutrients."  — K. Broughton

    "Exercise instructions and demos were clear and complete and expert interviews (orthopedic surgeon, registered dietitian, and physical therapist) with Q&As were particularly helpful and informative." — A. Sankaran

    "The OptWell50+ six-week coaching program helped me strengthen and regain mobility in my injured leg. The personalized workout plan is already working to strengthen my leg so much that I am able to hike with my husband again. I am working hard to finally achieve the strength I need to tackle Mt. St. Helens with him." — S. Kotaniemi

    Participant testimonials

    "I loved the content! At 58, and a former competitive basketball player, I found the material super-informative and easy to digest. I really enjoyed and learned a lot that I’ll use from the short exercise and nutrition videos." — N. Swindal

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