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How the Six-Week Coaching Program Works

OptWell 50+ is an evidence-based, field-proven approach to re-tool training and eating habits for the over-50 athlete and aspiring athlete to achieve peak health, fitness, and athletic performance and minimize injury risk.


Our six-week premium interactive coaching course is hosted in a private Facebook group to deliver the highest quality digital fitness and nutrition guidance for athletic people over age 50.

Simple, clear principles on optimal exercise and performance eating practices are presented via written and video content, with real-life examples. The coaching course includes two 15-page guides, "Best Fitness Practices," and "Best Eating Practices," written by course creator and fitness trainer Dan Taylor, MS, CSCS, opportunities for community participation in small private group setting, and access to personal trainers and nutrition experts who discuss a full spectrum of wellness topics in weekly coaching videos and a live multi-disciplinary panel Q&A at the program's conclusion.

         This is the one-stop, all-in-one fit-at-50+ program you've been waiting for.


Shall we get started? 

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