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A brief overview of the fundamentals of evidence-based best practices of fitness training for the over-50 athlete. Includes peer-reviewed references and additional online resources. 15 Pages.

Training Priorities for the Fit Past 50


"The OptWell50+ coaching program helped me find the right combination of food and drink to endure an hour workout, three days a week. At 66, I can sustain my energy through each demanding workout. The program also helped me prepare meals with the right proportions of ingredients to obtain a good balance of nutrients."  — K. Broughton

"Exercise instructions and demos were clear and complete and expert interviews (orthopedic surgeon, registered dietitian, and physical therapist) with Q&As were particularly helpful and informative." — A. Sankaran

"The OptWell50+ six-week coaching program helped me strengthen and regain mobility in my injured leg. The personalized workout plan is already working to strengthen my leg so much that I am able to hike with my husband again. I am working hard to finally achieve the strength I need to tackle Mt. St. Helens with him." — S. Kotaniemi

Participant testimonials

"I loved the content! At 58, and a former competitive basketball player, I found the material super-informative and easy to digest. I really enjoyed and learned a lot that I’ll use from the short exercise and nutrition videos." — N. Swindal

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