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Build Your Best Body 

Eating & Fitness Courses Designed for 50-Plus Athletes 

Best Eating Practices
Best Training Practices

Dan Taylor, MS, CSCS, 50-plus athlete and a personal trainer with more than 20 years of experience, has created two self-guided courses where you will personalize eating and fitness blueprints designed to help answer all your questions and achieve your optimal health goals.  You will learn the science behind best eating and exercise practices for 50-plus athletes.


You Will Learn


Confused about kcals? Wondering if you should try intermittent fasting? Dan's science-based approach will give you the exact formula to build your own eating blueprint.


Trainer Dan Taylor demonstrates workout routines designed to build strength and promote leanness to ensure optimal function and form in the coming decades of your life.

Meal planning

Helpful meal planning tips and easy-to-prepare recipes, following Dan's own Healthy Eating Chalice, are a tasty fit for busy lifestyles.


Think you know everything there is to know about eating healthy and working out? Think again. Dan dispels many misconceptions that may be sabotaging your goals. 

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