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Preventive Wellness: Expense or Investment?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Annual healthcare costs in the U.S., before Covid, were, according to the NIH, roughly, $12,000 per person. And that's an average of all ages. Over-50 folks swing the number even higher. Most of that was related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, the risk of all of which can be dramatically reduced with the right eating and exercise program.

And while you can go cheap and ride a bike and lift weights on your own and risk injuries and plateaus commonly associated with unbalanced, improperly executed movements, strength and range of motion imbalances and unnecessary stress on the spine and joints, or collect recipes randomly that you hope are nutritious and help you reach and maintain a healthy body composition, the fact is that most people miss the mark, even with their best efforts.

Why is that?

The fact is that qualified, experienced, dedicated and personalized expertise is worth it's weight in gold. Top caliber registered dietitians and nationally certified personal trainers charge between $70 and 150+ per hour. How? Because those who are most informed, and for whom their guidance is most valued, pay it happily and pack the experts' schedules.

The payoff is a far more effective, balanced and safe program for each. So if you were to work with a trainer and an RD for two hours each week (standard engagement), six weeks would run you at least $1,800.

But what if you had a one-time, coordinated engagement, completely online that you could access on your own schedule with all the fundamentals, examples and individual direction on how to apply the principles in practical every day situations and it cost you a small fraction of that investment?

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