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Are you unsure about how to be as fit and healthy as possible in your 50s and beyond?

OptWell 50+
Straightening the Path for the Mature Aspiring Athlete (logo)

Are you certain your fitness routine and eating habits are building strength and stamina?

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Evidence-Based Fitness & Eating for 50s & Up

OptWell 50+ Is: 

  • A current evidence-based, structured program designed to optimize fitness training and performance-eating

  • Designed for over-50 athletic people who are already committed to the principles of healthful eating and safe, effective fitness training

  • Fitness resources, premiere coaching classes, and digital courses designed to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your training and eating practices

OptWell 50+ Is not:

  • An entry-point program for first-timers

  • Designed for general fitness seekers or those focused on weight loss

  • An unstructured, cafeteria-style assortment of tips and trick​s

Fitness & Eating Guides

Ready to Feel Stronger & Leaner this Summer?

Prefer to Work at Your Own Pace?

Curious about our evidence-based curriculum? Our downloadable 15-page guides, "Eating Priorities for the Fit Past 50" and "Fitness Priorities for the Fit Past 50," introduce eating and exercising guidelines for the over-50 athlete. (Guides included in 6-week premiere coaching course.)

This interactive six-week online class coached by fitness trainer Dan Taylor, MS, CSCS, immerses enrollees in current evidence-based best eating and fitness practices. Learn new workout routines, build a better eating plan, ask questions, and connect with like-minded over-50 athletes in a small private group setting. (Fitness/Eating guides included in six-week course.)

Our digital courses, "Best Eating Practices" and "Best Training Practices," delve more deeply into the concepts introduced in the Eating & Fitness Priorities booklets, offering guided video workouts and illustrations to help the over-50 athlete design personalized exercise and eating programs.  (Fitness/Eating guides included in these courses.)

Client Testimonials

"I loved the content! At 58, and a former competitive basketball player, I found the material super-informative and easy to digest. I really enjoyed and learned a lot that I’ll use from the short exercise and nutrition videos." — N. Swindale

"The OptWell50+ six-week coaching program helped me strengthen and regain mobility in my injured leg. The personalized workout plan is already working to strengthen my leg so much that I am able to hike with my husband again. I am working hard to finally achieve the strength I need to tackle Mt. St. Helens with him." — S. Kotaniemi

"Exercise instructions and demos were clear and complete and expert interviews (orthopedic surgeon, registered dietitian, and physical therapist) with Q&As were particularly helpful and informative." — A. Sankaran

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Prime Fitness

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Optimal Eating

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Lifestyle Coaching


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