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The Program

Welcome to!

Welcome to!

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Program Features:


  • Expert guidance on fitness fixes (improving effectiveness, reducing injury risk) for the over-50 Tribe

  • Delicious, convenient, nutrient-rich meal and snack examples from the OptWell50+ kitchen and best choices for eating out

  • Highly efficient modular strength, cardio, flexibility and core workouts 

  • Weekly live yoga class and flexibility work

  • Three live group coaching sessions to integrate components of your personalized wellness blueprint

Are you ready to sharpen up your training efforts and eating habits for peak performance and vitality?
OptWell 50+ is a six-week, comprehensive, highly interactive online course and coaching program designed to sharpen the focus of your fitness and eating programs, fix or replace what's not moving you toward your goals effectively and is customized by 50+ fitness and nutrition experts specifically for YOU, our peer

We walk you through every step, clearly define the "What, How and Why", and help you create a customized blueprint you can easily modify to your schedule and access to equipment. We'll show you how to adapt your eating practices to a wide variety of food sources and circumstances. 

Make your program razor sharp and customized to you now!

What's In It For You:

1. We will earn your trust and teach you clear, simple Principles and Practices to create the safest and most effective customized eating and training template possible – no more wasting time or needless injury risk.

2. We'll help you carve your optimal pathway to reach your 50+ fitness potential if you follow our lead.

3. If you value health, energy and athletic performance capacity, we will provide the highest Return on Investment possible. 

Medical Experts Weigh In on Our Program:

"OptWell 50+ is an innovative group coaching program that clarifies and simplifies living a healthful lifestyle. The web-based program is interactive and flexible and provides extensive guidance on how to effectively apply sound exercise and healthy eating principles while juggling a busy, chaotic schedule with work and family demands.

Consistently practicing the simple rules presented in the program can have a significantly positive effect on reducing health risks like cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes and contribute to life-long health and wellness.”


Barbara Boyer, M.D.     

Amanda Gersich, M.D.

Phillip Maddux, R.N. 

Ed Le Cara, D.C., PhD., ATC, CSCS     

Tristan Buzzini, PsyD.                 

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