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Three Cardio Fails for 50+ Aspiring Athletes

My work has graced me with more than a few of my absolute favorite type of client: Hardworking and enthusiastic about the process and the expected outcome. I'd much rather have to reign in and redirect a client than try to fire them up. This is where we shine - together.

Usually with this type of client the challenge is to make sure they are making the right choices and protecting their bodies while reaching or maintaining an outstanding level of fitness. That often means making big changes to their programs affecting what they do and how they do it. They are always better off and they always tell me so. Here are the three areas of error most of these types of clients need to modify to get the most out of their programs:

  1. Too much cardio - whether it's too many hours in total, too much intensity for the accumulate time they spend during the week, or they're deep into diminishing returns for the combination of the two if their goal is to be in great shape and retain or build strength, overdoing this is probably the most common problem - and the easiest to fix.

  2. Unbalanced loading of the joints and muscles - movement patterns and exercise choices are the most common culprits here. And the results include inefficient movement capacity, hindered athletic performance and increased risk of injury.

  3. ...and speaking of increased risk of injury - unnecessary joint stress (hard starts and stops, abrupt rotational movements like pivots and sudden swings and repetitive, single plane movements) are most often to blame for the heightened vulnerability to injury in the 50+ fitness enthusiast. Again, this one is easily identified and fixed with the right guidance.

Want to improve all that? Need more personalized guidance (of course you do)? We've got the solution for you right here.

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