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What's In/Out for 50+ Fitness

Out - tips and tricks, miracle gadgets, ergo aids for exponential growth, "hacks", macros w/o micros, super-fast weight loss, super fast muscle growth, shortcuts, severely restrictive diets, doing what the article says to look like the cover model, motivation

In - hard work, safe and effective training programs, nutrient density, volume + intensity + excellent form, protein source variety for nutrient diversity, like training--> like conditioning, work/rest balance, constant fine-tuning, merging personal experience with science, discipline

When I was a kid, the concept of carrying around every idea or fact that ever existed in a tiny box in your pocket was inconceivable. But the downside of that "miracle", is that we have become much less practiced at being discerning about information we ingest and consider on not just a daily, but almost moment-to-moment basis. Nowhere is this more of a challenge than in the areas of fitness and nutrition. And, with the explosive proliferation of information (of varying quality, of course), a wide array of opinions that may or may not be based on reliable sources, have also spread like wildfire.

The first list is "clickbait" and that generates a truckload of revenue for businesses of limited (if any) integrity, but whose promise of quick, easy and unimaginable value is a constant source of seduction for those who are most vulnerable.

But the people targeted by those less-than ethical businesses are also the people for whom the second list is not so attractive. Crossing the line between the two is the first step toward not only enjoying the richness of the fitness lifestyle, but developing a more sophisticated palate for guidance that can make a significant and lasting positive impact on your life.

And therein lies the real reward.

If you're willing to do the work.

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