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One Week Less

For those who wonder why we "fitness fiends" work so hard and how we manage to keep our passion for it blazing:

My view is that it's not so much the expectation of living longer, as it is the conviction about the importance of making the most of the lives we have left.

I thought about this yesterday when I caught myself pining for the upcoming weekend. And then it occurred to me that when we get there I'll have one week less than I did left to go.

One less week to treasure my mom who is still around

One less week to train my body to maintain its strength, stamina and flexibility

One less week to learn from my mistakes and appreciate lessons that make my life richer and more peaceful

One less week to enjoy talking with friends, old and new (like many of the fantastic people I've met in this group)

One less week to enjoy nourishing and delicious food that fuels my body

One less week to watch my kids grow and change

One less week to do this work that I love with all my heart

One less week to tell and show my wife how much she means to me

So, yeah, I can wait a little while for this weekend to arrive.

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