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6 Rules to Vet Your 50+ Fitness Info

With rampant opinions online about training and performance eating, it's a good idea to apply a filter to ensure the quality of information you're taking in is worth your time and attention. Here are some rules to keep in mind about that while fishing for wisdom in groups:

  1. Well-intentioned doesn't necessarily = well-informed

  2. Loud rarely = correct

  3. People who are educated about a topic are rarely pompous or self-important in tone. They are usually transparent about the specific points they understand well and open about issues on which they have less expertise. And they're usually curious and interested about well-argued (and supported) divergent views. They'll rarely make broad pronouncements or ignore the fact that there are highly individual and varied responses to some eating/training approaches and always consider situational context.

  4. The ability to provide individual useful advice almost always requires additional information than what is originally posted.

  5. Lots of people ask for guidance (and many more, I suspect, are interested in the same issue but just haven't expressed it) and may follow what you suggest if you sound confident in your response. So we owe it to them to be as responsible as possible when we dispense it. Health and well-being depend on it.

  6. Those who are looking for guidance, please remember that quality, individualized direction takes years and learning to provide, so finding a well-regarded expert to work with you individually is probably worth considering and the fees your local experts charge is what pays their bills. High-caliber professionals will deliver that with integrity, dedication and absolute commitment to providing you the best value they possibly can.

I truly wish the best to ALL of you, my fellow 50+ fitness enthusiasts.

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