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What's the Best Diet for Over-50 Wellness Seekers?

(Anne Moselle is the nutrition expert for

As we age, our nutrition becomes that much more important. While we need less overall calories, our needs for various nutrients don’t change, or even increase. The keys to a healthy eating plan for those 50 years and older include focusing on these main areas: Protein, Fiber, Vitamin D/Calcium, Limited “Extras”, and Proper Hydration.

There’s less “wiggle room” for the extras like sweets, refined carbohydrates, alcohol. Make every bite count. Maximize your nutrition by eating plenty of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, dairy and getting enough water. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t enjoy a “treat” now and then, but it’s a time to be a bit more mindful of the fuel you put in your body.

Want a deeper dive into how best to fuel at 50 and beyond? OptWell50+, the comprehensive, customized blueprint for the over-fifty aspiring athlete will be starting soon. There is a 20-person max for this unique six-week course/coaching program. Will you be one?

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