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Work vs. Rest - What's the Magic Formula?

In the last post we covered intensity for the over-fifty aspiring athlete. Today we consider, also, the other two variables when deciding what the right work-to-rest ratio might be for you.Those are duration and frequency. All three interact, and produce a different result when you are a bit older. But we can look at just frequency and duration as the two interdependent variables that create a single product: accumulated work time each week.

As a follower of this blog you get a sneak peek at a free offer we're making available and promoting widely at the end of next week which will give you more detailed guidance on how to manage this equation. But, for now, think of the work/rest ratio this way: It's not during the workout that the training gains are realized - it's in the recovery periods in between that the body rebuilds and gets even better prepared for what might be an even harder workout (or workout week).

Want more? OptWell50+, the comprehensive, customized blueprint for the over-50 aspiring athlete will be starting soon. There is a 20-person max for this unique six-week course/coaching program. Will you be one?

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